16 Recipes for a Backyard Baby Shower

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As the vaccine rollout continues across the country, there’s a glimmer of hope for social gatherings (birthday dinners! baby showers!) this summer. And while we’re nowhere near going back to punch bowls and communal platters of crudités and dip (hello, double-dipping!), we can begin to approach socializing from a COVID-conscious perspective. After more than a year of isolation, it feels like a privilege and a blessing to be able to celebrate again, especially the emergence of new life. If you or someone you know got particularly busy during the quarantine, and are now expecting a little one, here are some ideas for baby showers to welcome in the new baby while keeping everyone safe!

And before you send out those invites, take a peek at our recommendations for how to safely gather a group these days. Because even if you’re vaccinated, there are still plenty of precautions to keep in mind.


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