🔥 ARE YOU ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? Freestyle Rapping For Strangers | Omegle Raps Ep. 1 👑


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Inspired by the greatest freestylers of all-time Harry Mack, Eminem, Juice, Supernatural, Eyedea, King Los, Juice WRLD, Craig G and all the other greats who I haven’t named, this series will follow me as I travel the world on Omegle and rap for all types of random people. From my compound in Palm Beach, FL to a city near you, the World King is freestyle rapping for strangers on Omegle to improve his lyricism, rap freestyle, delivery, stage presence, and energy. Join me every Friday for a new episode of Omegle Raps!

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📚 Description:

From Palm Beach to Brazil, the first freestyle rap has the World King freestyle rapping about Brazil, McDonalds, and KPConsult. After traveling to Brazil and freestyle rapping, the World King goes out to Spain and raps for a couple girls about Closet, Glass, & Shoe. We fly back to the states for finale to a hip hop head who was rapping when we started our Omegle chat. He threw a bunch of words and the World King used them all. Thank you to everyone who vibed with me on Omegle and to all of you beautiful people who exchanged energy with me! Peace 7 Love

🎧 Beats Used

1) Smoked Out by @Khronos Beats
2) Beauty of the Beast by @Waveyy Beats
3) Mafia King by @Khronos Beats

🕰️ Time Stamps

0:00 – Omegle Raps Intro
0:14 – Are You Artificial Intelligence?
3:05 – Brazil, McDonalds, KPConsult
6:53 – Girls From Spain Start Dancing
9:02 – Closet, Glass, Shoe
12:51 – Deathrow Hip Hop Head Rap
14:41 – Bread, Legos, 16, Anti-Social
17:27 – Figures, Kyrie, Receipts, Day
18:15 – Coochie, Language, GTA, Gotham

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🙌 Project Credits

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All the best,

👑 World King
Fadie Hany Areny

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