Hyatt Globalist Mania, Business Travel Demise, Generational Wealth Gap, Best Tax Moves

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From patient to RN, Ryan Junes shares his story

For months now, COVID-19 has been in the headlines. It’s upended normalcy at schools and businesses. And it’s also a main focus here at CentraCare. But amidst the pandemic, our staff continues to provide exceptional care for all patients. Procedures are still being conducted. Broken bones still need to be fixed. And babies are still … Read more

Black Friday Madness, Adios Diego Maradona, Golden Hotel, Frozen Waterscapes

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CentraCare – Sauk Centre transitions to COVID-19 hospital

As part of our COVID-19 surge plans, CentraCare – Sauk Centre will transition to a hospital primarily for COVID-19 patients from around the region. This change will help alleviate the strain currently being felt at CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital and other sites. But it may also be causing some uncertainty among staff and community … Read more

Vaccines Euphoria, AA Drops Change Fees, IRA Rollovers, Biggest Troll, Cheapest Miles

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Covid Vaccines, New 75k Chase Ink Card Offers, First Cruise Covid Fail, Weird Museums, Walmart MS Death

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Straight Up Facts about COVID-19 – 11.6.2020

Sometimes it’s hard to discern the truth about COVID-19 due to rumors and misinformation, but here are statistics about what we are facing in Central Minnesota. What can you do? Wear a mask, social distance, avoid large gatherings, wash your hands and eat healthy. And share this with your friends so they can act. We … Read more

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Patricia Smith-Baehr’s COVID-19 Story

Patricia Smith-Baehr will be 83 years old this year. She was at St. Cloud Hospital for 6 days battling COVID-19, but is thankful she didn’t need a ventilator. Because of her experience, she is encouraging everyone to stay diligent and wear a mask. Our hospitals are seeing a record number of COVID-positive patients. It takes … Read more