Covid Credit Card Enhancements, Vaccinated Travel, YOLO Gambling, BTK Killer’s Daughter

We bring you more on Covid credit card enhancements, vaccinated travel, YOLO gambling, BTK killer’s daughter, register for the latest promotions, the best Covid-19 coverage, we travel to Myanmar and Syria, learn about the history of flight attendants, learn about the amazing life of the Black Sparrow and way too much more that will keep you busy all weekend long. The blog evolves…will post when I have enough and feel like it. I could split this up in three posts at least and post more often to attract more clicks and ads…oh wait, what ads?

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Top picks are not excerpted at all. I recommend you find time to read every word!

One of the most disturbing reads lately. We need some ways to fight back against disturbed individuals doing this shit! Outrageous lies destroyed Guy Babcock’s online reputation. When he went hunting for their source, what he discovered was worse than he could have imagined.

Did you know anything about Black Sparrow? I knew very little. I am glad I gave this more time, it will shock you, what a life, wow!

They called him the Black Sparrow

Will Ferrell explains why he hates Norway. You are welcome for the Lols!

GM Superbowl Ad with Will Ferrell



HOT CREDIT CARD OFFERS: 75k CHASE Ink Cash, 75k CHASE Ink Unlimited, 100k CHASE Ink Business Preferred, 60k CHASE Sapphire Preferred, 80k for all three personal Southwest cards (ENDS February 8), 60k CITI Premier, 65k CITI Business AA Platinum Select, 50k CITI AA Platinum Select, 20k CHASE Freedom Flex & CHASE Freedom Unlimited, 75k AMEX Platinum, 85k AMEX Business Platinum, 50k CHASE World of Hyatt, 150k AMEX Hilton Aspire, 150k AMEX Hilton Business & Hilton Surpass (and $150 credit!), 100k AMEX Hilton Card (and $100 credit!), $250 AMEX Blue Cash Preferred, $300 AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, 140k CHASE IHG Rewards Club Premier, and many more! Please use my Affiliate links.

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My REFERRAL links for the three 80k Southwest cards (ENDS February 8!)

Newbies: This hobby can be addictive. Be careful. If you follow other bloggers it is very likely this is their full time job and of course it is in their best interest to do things normal people like you should not do! Actually, lots of what they do is ridiculous and they would not be blogging about it if, well, this was not their livelihood. So, don’t get carried away. You got a question? Fire away in the comments.

The juicy Southwest credit card offers offering at least 80,000 signup bonus points are ending February 8. My 18 year old daughter is now about six months past that birthday and she has been using a Discover for students card building up her credit history and credit score to about 770. Of course she has been an authorized user for a few other credit cards over the years and that has helped I am sure. With Southwest’s Covid policy to award a Companion Pass for 100,000 qualifying points I think it is time to apply for her first real credit card. Of course I would help towards the minimum spending required. Goal is to hit 100,000 points as soon as feasibly possible for her Companion Pass to last until 12/31/2022 I think. Of course that means she will get approved so…wish her luck! Cards are available with my links or the REFERRAL links above. #Developing

Amex is really out to get you to keep its credit cards! Here is an updated list: COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide: Now with Amex dining & wireless credits…Just make sure you do load these offers to the appropriate card if required.

Register HERE for Marriott’s new promotion to earn double points and double elite nights on each stay.

Good guide for those days we can burn miles for American Airlines Business Class Seat Guide, 2021 Edition.

Hyatt keeps a list of new hotels that award an extra 500 points for every qualifying stay night.

Chase tries to keep up with Amex doing more spending based bonuses. Here you can enroll your Chase Freedom brand cards to earn 5 points per dollar on gas stations, up to $150 per enrolled card in the month of February. Pffft, ok I’ll take it! 🙂


This list should expand as time goes on hopefully! These Countries Are Open To Vaccinated Travelers.

Loved this one: Cabin Pressure: The Turbulent History of Flight Attendants. Turbulent indeed, from the great early days to hideous sexism to deregulation to gay men finding job security to the continued crises only to be faced with the mother of all pandemics and dealing with job losses and uncertainty and death and maskholes…

Well, looks like we won’t be going to Myanmar anytime soon. When a coup is going on but you have an aerobics class to teach, lol!

Many travel addicts will read this and will not change. At all. Because the addiction is so strong. Stronger than crack…not like I have ever done crack. I am NOT this adventurous. Yeah, I did travel to Iran in 2016 but there was no war going on and having a second passport sure helped make me feel much better! The reason I am not that adventurous is because I would not want those who love me to go through what this guy’s family went through: American Parents Set Out to Find a Son Lost in Syria’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’.

I am not moving to Florida for many reasons. This is one of them: Florida’s Aquatic Land Cover. It just looks so…boring!

I LOVE this picture! Found here.



We need to get the word out about the Good Vaccine News!

Here’s the key fact: All five vaccines with public results have eliminated Covid-19 deaths. They have also drastically reduced hospitalizations.

Very educational: This is how America gets its vaccines. We need to go ALL OUT on this!

Sensible policies are starting to get implemented finally: How a US agency hopes to predict disease like the weather.

Now the US is setting up a forecasting service that aims to do for diseases what the weather service does for meteorology. The day after his inauguration, Joe Biden announced the creation of the National Centre for Epidemic Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics for “modernising global early warning and trigger systems for scaling action to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from emerging biological threats”. 

With over 100 million who had this virus, the long term health effects could be devastating: The Forever Disease: How Covid-19 Became a Chronic Condition.


Some good advice in this: If You Want to Buy GameStop Stock for Fun, Here’s Why You Should Think Twice. This was written as the stock was going up…Be careful out there!

This guy has nailed this Gamestop trading pretty good: YOLO Gambling is Reckless.

What we have here is a good ol’ fashioned WHO DUN IT? So. Who dun it? Gamblers dun it. That’s who. People often ask who the culprit is when the financial system goes through a period of turmoil. It’s pretty much always the same answer – gamblers. In this case you had gambling short sellers who were unhedged and caught on the wrong side of a trade. And you had a stock trading application that entices their users to act like gamblers. You had a Reddit forum filled with gamblers who want to make non-diversified “YOLO” bets on stocks. And then the gamblers using that application created order flow problems that not only led to problems with the application, but also caught a whole lot of people on the wrong side of a bad trade. There isn’t just one bad guy in this story. There is just a whole bunch of people trying to get rich quick in a system that is inherently designed to hurt people who try to get rich quick. In the end we come back to a few common narratives here. Short-termism kills.  And the stock market isn’t where you get rich. So yeah, it’s true. You Only Live Once. Don’t blow it running with the market mob over the cliff.

If you took money out of your IRA in 2020 you need to be extra careful when you prepare your 2020 income tax returns! What clients won’t see on this year’s 1099-R form.


I am still amazed how people can lose it, go completely insane. We call them brainwashed here. In Greece we have a term, which means the “sprayed ones”. They are everywhere, sad! A Pennsylvania Mother’s Path to Insurrection. This one has eight kids and I am thinking she just needed a way to get out and work off some steam smh.

We need to do a better job on mental health! They Called for Help. They’d Always Regret It. Two families called 911 to get help for their sons. They didn’t know that they’d be thrusting them into a complex and often brutal system. I can not imagine the pain being in their shoes…

RIP to Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick murdered while defending our democracy by a bunch of deranged clowns screaming…”Freedom” smh!


You probably know about the BTK killer, what a sick POS. Imagine being his daughter: “I Knew Right Away It Was My Dad“.

Have you ever seen someone jumping rope and dancing to Beethoven? Here you go! Loic Mahy on Instagram

Very cool: Drone Disguised as Hummingbird Captures Incredible Footage of Monarch Butterfly Swarm.

Snowflake Generator. Yeah, generate your own. This will shock you! Ok, it will not but you will say, “wow, this is so cool!”.

I am on a roll today with super cool links, here is NASA’s TESS’s Southern Sky Panorama.


We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

If airlines kill sweet spots during a pandemic, imagine the bloodbath when we are past it! Searching for Emirates sweet spots with partner airline awards [JAL, Copa, and Qantas awards devalued]. The few remaining will be killed shortly, sad lol.

This may help some of you trying to keep track of all them Amex credits raining down on us: Amex Limited Time Credit Spreadsheet: Making Your Life Easier!  I actually just use a sheet of paper and a pencil instead 🙂 #simplicity

I am having an awful time setting up an MGM Mlife Rewards account, I get a recurring loop with activating/password crap…I give up! Or am I missing something? I wanted to match my Hyatt Globalist to its top elite level too…

Some time ago I deleted View From The Wing from my Feedly blog list. I just could not take it anymore. I kept One Mile at a Time on it and THIS is what he blogged about in just a few days. So, I am out you guys. I am going to keep it all positive here, I am done calling this crap out. These blogs bring in more $$ in a single day than I do the whole year blogging here. It is demoralizing but I expected it and I am okay with it. What pisses me off is a few haters calling ME out for being like these bloggers! Then again, the internet attracts all kinds of people so it is what it is. Enjoy my blog while each post shows up. When we get back to traveling I will be out there and not here as much…Peace!

All these spending bonuses are getting to be a pain to keep track of lately!

And I leave you with this…

TBB is the dog reading the numerous blog posts about ridiculously low Amex Offers from merchants he had never heard of, let alone buy from!


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