🩺 Dr. Dre’s $1B Divorce Gets 50 Cent & Xzibit In Trouble! | Kissy Denise & World King 👑

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50 Cent is in the news again but this time it’s because of Dr. Dre’s $1 billion dollar divorce. Dr. Dre announced earlier this year that him and his now ex-wife were getting divorced. Being that Dr. Dre is now worth nearly $1 billion dollars it’s going to be interesting to see how his estate is split because of this divorce; however, his ex-wife Nicole Young is asking for $2 million per month for spousal support. Kissy Denise & World King talk about it all and also discuss whether or not Nicole Young deserves all this money.

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📚 Description:

Dr. Dre & Nicole Young are now getting divorced and this divorce is causing a lot of drama. Nicole Young, Dr. Dre’s estranged ex-wife is requesting more than $2 million dollars a month in spousal support. Now once 50 Cent saw that Nicole Young was asking for $2 million dollars he went straight to his Instagram and made a post on how “(women) are crazy” referring to Nicole Young’s spousal support request. This post that 50 Cent posted got a lot of attention and 50 Cent found someone he was not expecting to retaliate in his comments section.

Truly Young, Dr. Dre’s daughter saw 50 Cent’s post and immediately took offense to it and started going off on him. Then Xzibit responded to Truly’s comment and Truly Young went off on Xzibit as well in 50 Cent’s Instagram posts comments. She then later went to her Instagram Stories and added more fuel to the fire regarding people close to the Dr. Dre family responding to the divorce. Kissy Denise & World King discuss in this episode of Wealth, Pop & Manifestation, whether or not Truly went too far in the comments or if her actions were justified for what 50 Cent said about her mother?

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