Gamestop Big Losers, Hunting Deals, Amazing Vaccines, Taxes in Retirement

We bring you the Gamestop stock big losers, hunting deals, amazing vaccines, taxes in retirement, look at mesmerizing tadpoles, travel to North Korea and romantic hotels (definitely not in North Korea!), some excellent encouraging Covid-19 coverage today, best photography links of course, we touch on digital tulips, look at economy recovery charts and marvel at the resilience of the US economy and its embedded entrepreneurial spirit, play a great geography game, laugh at some dude in Texas dancing in the snow, more QAnon deflating coverage and lots more. In the final section I have a question about the length of my posts, are they still too long? Feedback is appreciated, thank you.

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If you are not into the frequent flyer miles/points game please feel free to skip the MILES & POINTS and most of the BLOG BUZZ section.

Stay positive, test negative!


Top picks are not excerpted at all. I recommend you find time to read every word!

Sometimes you try to inject some common sense into people and warn them about the dangers but…you can not get through. Some of the quotes are just way too…flippant! Be careful out there!

GameStop Investors Who Bet Big—and Lost Big

Get vaccinated as soon as you can, there is nothing to think about!

Update of anaphylaxis from mRNA vaccines: 66 cases out of ~18 million vaccinations (=0.00000003%). All but 1 within 11 minutes. No deaths.


Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration



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Newbies: To be driven towards this obsessive hobby of earning miles and points so you can fly for free low cost you must LOVE chasing and scoring the deal. Some people (me included) just LOVE this, the dopamine high we score is just better than crack, not like I have ever done crack by the way. Good post here: If it sounds too good to be true… (on Nick’s mind). I left a few comments clarifying that as a veteran in this weird hobby I don’t sweat the small deals anymore. Bank bonuses? I find them complicated because they take mental real estate, customer service issues may come up (looking at Citi), closing/canceling can involve surprises (really Bank of America?) and fees and you eventually forget about them and, wait for it, the 1099 tax forms come and take the fun away getting fully taxed on the bonus you thought you scored (or the 1099 does not come and then IRS wants to have a chat about that non reported income on your tax return) and I could go on. I already manage about 100 travel related accounts in my household and I am extremely picky in adding more into the mix. In addition, if something happened to me my wife will go insane trying to figure it all out. Heck, sometimes I can’t even figure it out, I need to slow down lol. Final point: It is the career of some bloggers to write about deals, you just don’t have to jump on every one, be very selective and…think of your significant other/family members who may one day need to clean up what you left behind…KEEP IT SIMPLE!

You can earn 10 points per dollar dining out! NEW: Earn 10x on Select Takeout, Dining with Chase Sapphire Cards. I will definitely check this out as we do use food takeout a lot more since the pandemic started. In case you were looking to get the solid Chase Sapphire Preferred card, here is my REFERRAL link in case you wanted to earn 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for $45 (annual fee of $95 less grocery statement credit of $50).

I am not sure why JetBlue took so long to do this but here it is: JetBlue To Eliminate Change/Cancellation Fees On All Fares Excluding Blue Basic Fares. In addition, one of the best Basic Fares airlines is now the worst, no carry on bag for you. Remember how this airline used to be so friendly? It turned out like AA…which is now on a major get friendly mode. Just a weird upside down airline pandemic environment I guess.



You know I love posting stuff about North Korea. Just because everything there is so bizarre, I mean, they are now in the third generation and the current leader looks like he is addicted to Doritos and has nukes. So sad the love story with Trump is off though. Whatever. Incredible 4.56 mins video: A rainy day in Pyongyang, North Korea.

I am not into skiing. Some of you are. Did you ever think of about that chairlift taking you up in them hills to the slopes? Yeah, me neither. This is why I found this fascinating: The Invention of the Ski Chairlift.

Incredible travel photography by Colin Monteath.

Some do look very nice! The most unforgettable romantic hotels in the world. So sad none appear to be from a major hotel chain so that means we can not use hotel points to stay for free, boo! The one in France looks like it was a mistake to add in this list and the one in Cambodia looks like one I may even consider paying for out of my pocket (from cash back rewards lol).

Song Saa Private Island — Cambodia



Can this happen, like, fast? Is that too much to ask for dear God? The Pandemic Can End Without Herd Immunity.

In the analogy of the campfire, our current pandemic is a big, raging one. We might not have enough water to douse it completely, and we might not prevent future sparks from catching, but the water we do have will still help. The fire will burn slower and cooler. Every drop of water matters.

I think we all realize that Covid-19 will be with us for a very long time in some form. I think we will be getting vaccinated for it as routinely as we get vaccinated for flu every year. But what do I know, I have become like so many an amateur epidemiologist too! Let’s look back at history what happened with smallpox and dream about the…possibilities! Smallpox used to kill millions of people every year. Here’s how humans beat it.

We like to bitch about not getting vaccinated fast enough. But maybe we just like to whine, think positive you guys. Ok, seriously, maybe we are doing all right in this department and it should get better going forward: The U.S.’ vaccine rollout is world-beating.


I am no fan of crypto but this is a very fair article: ‘Digital tulip’ or new asset class? Bitcoin’s bid to go mainstream. I am in the digital tulip camp but what do I know?

In case you are looking to move somewhere to retire, here is a a good tax guide: Taxes in Retirement: How All 50 States Tax Retirees.

There are some really good charts here. We can do better. America’s deeply unequal economic recovery, explained in 7 charts.

The entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA of the United States, period! Visualizing America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit During COVID-19.

entrepreneurial spirit in America



A reader complained recently how I post a lot about this QAnon crap. Instead of saying thank you for blogging when I could be doing other a lot more profitable things with my time…here is another one for you, sad! ‘I Miss My Mom’: Children Of QAnon Believers Are Desperately Trying To Deradicalize Their Own Parents. Actually, this is a really sad article. I hope this does not happen to you…

Do you really miss your favorite bar? The answer is yes and this site can recreate it, enjoy!

Meanwhile in Texas LOL.

On a serious note, it is really bad over there! Texas Is Now Enduring Its Coldest Weather In Over 30 Years, And The Photos Are Unusual To Say The Least.

2021 Houston Valentine's Day Freeze
This is Sparta…no wait, this is Houston!


I LOVE playing this game: City Guesser. My favorite school subject was geography. When I was in elementary school I had memorized all the capitals in the world… I still remember many from those days #wow.

White shark, hope it is real because it is too epic to watch!

We like photography in the TBB world headquarters my small home office. Winners of the 2021 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest.

A small lionfish displays its large fins.
Larval Lionfish © Steven Kovacs / UPY2021

Amazing photography! The Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020 Announces The Best Photos From Around The World.

Fishermen Of The Mangroves (Fine Art, 1st Place)
Fishermen Of The Mangroves by Les Sharp



We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

I never get targeted for this anymore but I sure try every time 🙂 Amex Pay Over Time Bonus, Enroll for 10K Membership Rewards Points (Check if You Qualify).

And good luck to all who made a certain blogger named One Mile at a Time a lot richer for “exclusively” selling some product by a new outfit named BREX.

Going for the cortisone injection shot tomorrow to see if I can get back to running.

We got pummeled by snow too here in Ann Arbor Michigan. Shoveling is a great body exercise!

I am trying to make smaller posts. This is a small post based on my standards. Do you like them? Aiming to have no more than four links in each section. Approximately. This way I could post more often. Are they still too big to go through? Make them even smaller, three links in each section? Feedback is appreciated.

Best of luck to all readers affected by the snow in Texas. We here in Michigan call that a heatwave. Seriously though, hang in there and stay safe!

And I leave you with this…

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