Gamestop Speculation, Travel Utopia, Short Selling, Street Photographers

We bring you more on the Gamestop speculation, travel utopia, short selling, street photographers, the best Covid-19 coverage, an awesome SNL cold open, an even more awesome podcast on trying to inject some sense into many investing “geniuses”, climb the tallest chimney in Europe, some expiring juicy travel rewards credit card offers, we talk about personal philosophies and our feelings so it is okay to let it all out in the comments, we learn about the death penalty history, science fiction, most visited websites (not mine LOL) and lots more and I think I will go down to posting twice a week because obviously posting three times is not doing much to make minimum wage blogging here…You all have a great week and month!

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I am trying to inject some reason and act as a greed disabler amidst a truly historically bizarre phenomenon. I am talking about the Gamestop stock action and all the Robinhood and reddit investors gamblers. I have seen worse back in the internet dot com era by the way. Anyway, this is the best podcast I listened to recently. Maybe it is because it is an interview of one of the best writers out there: Jason Zweig, a Wall Street Journal writer of the fantastic The Intelligent Investor column. And a deep thinker of a subject dear in my heart, how the human brain affects us and why we make so many mistakes investing and stuff like that. Maybe some of you not addicted to this crack can learn something. Be careful out there!

Jason Zweig – Psychology, History & Writing

One of the best Cold Opens at SNL (Saturday Night Live):

What Still Works

I almost did not check this one out. I am so glad I did. This just looks AMAZING!

Climbing Up Europe’s Tallest Chimney in Slovenia



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I like the new look! The first new-look Sheraton hotels are open …. and look good!

American Express came out with another bunch of enticements to keep its cardholders:

American Express Adds Dining Credit To Delta, Hilton & Marriott Personal Cards ($5-$20 Monthly Credit)

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WOW! The Grand Canyon National Park Service shared this video of the winter wonderland along the rim this morning.

These look soooo good right now with a snowstorm raging outside as I am typing this! 13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World. I always wanted to visit Crater Lake in Oregon, maybe this is the year, post vaccine era that is.

This is really good: The new utopia. For a certain jet-setting sect, wide-open spaces with views, few Covid-19 cases, and the freedom to go maskless are all the rage. But who pays the price? This will hit a nerve with some of you travel addicts… I am not making any judgments…I just think that American in Cayman Islands should have been locked up for the original sentence!


The post about these variants: The Most Worrying Mutations in Five Emerging Coronavirus Variants.

I learned so much about the human body antibodies with this: May I Borrow Your Covid Immunity? Whenever a new virus emerges—be it HIV or SARS-CoV-2—a few lucky people put up a potent natural defense. Monoclonal antibody drugs let them share the health.

This ability, of course, is also what makes our immune system so amazing. According to the work of Dennis Burton, the Scripps researcher, and his collaborators, humans have the potential to generate 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 different kinds of antibodies, which means that we all, theoretically, possess the ability to neutralize a vast number of pathogens. The immune system is a randomizer, evolution’s way of preparing for uncertainty. We can’t predict exactly what terrible new virus will emerge, but we know one will. And by harnessing the most effective antibodies—like the antibodies from Donor 45—we might be able to find solutions for humanity.

This may work but…we are not there yet, more studies are needed. The Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID-19.

I think I posted this last March. Still, it is so epic! Family’s lockdown adaptation of Les Misérables song goes viral.


Before we dive into talking about THE topic of the day, how about injecting some common sense instead? Another short and excellent post by Morgan Housel. Sorry, I don’t do shocking video clickbait here! Personal Finance Philosophies

It can happen to you

Save like a pessimist and invest like an optimist

No one is impressed with your possessions as much as you are

Managing lifestyle can have the same impact on your net worth as increasing returns

Extreme adherence to an investment strategy is dangerous in a world that changes all the time

I value independence more more than anything else in finance

Most financial mistakes when you try to force things to happen faster than it is required

Embrace and accept your flaws and build a financial plan around them

The best way to teach your kids about money is to make them feel the power of its scarcity

Investing ability is unproven until it’s survived a disaster

There are few universally right answers

I again agree, not all short sellers are bad as some politicians are screaming now trying to score political points. Capitalism needs short sellers, I hope they can come back after this. I think they will #developing. My View On: Short Selling.

So, a lot of this debate seems to put the cart before the horse. Or, as Warren Buffett might say, the market is a voting machine in the short-term and a weighing machine in the long-run. If you run a good business in the long-term there is no amount of short-term short selling that can alter the intrinsic facts around the underlying business

This guy. Roaring Kitty. Or DeepF_ingValue in Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum. I mean, only in America. I hope he does not blow it now and does not get a big head. Sometimes, you get lucky…What I fear is so many trying to get rich quick like him and get eaten alive…As always, be careful out there! Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal.

Best video parodying the movie Chernobyl, this is brilliant! GME Squeeze and the Demise of Melvin Capital. Look, no tears at all about what happened to Melvin Capital. But are you sure this is all guys like Roaring Kitty behind it all?

If you really want to learn what happens at Robinhood, this is an excellent Twitter thread explaining it all. This is NOT simple stuff you guys, perhaps you should stay away by trying to control your emotions before you get hurt? Just a suggestion…


LOVED this vicious beating of Trump. From National Review of all places, they are not very liberal lol: Witless Ape Rides Helicopter. Again, in case you missed it. Loved.Every.Word!

And so, goodbye, Donald J. Trump, the man who wanted to be Conrad Hilton but turned out to be Paris Hilton. Au revoir, Ivanka and Jared, Uday and Qusay — there’s a table for four reserved for you at Dorsia. So long, Melania — it’s still not entirely clear what you got out of this, but I hope it was worth it. A fond farewell to Ted Cruz’s reputation and Mike Pence’s self-respect, Lindsey Graham’s manhood and Fox News’s business model. In with “Dr.” Jill Biden, out with “Dr.” Sebastian Gorka. Good night, ladies, good night, sweet ladies, good night, good night. I’m sure we’ll all meet again. But I’d really rather we didn’t.

Matthew Stafford has been the quarterback for the Detroit Lions for ever. Not even one playoff win, good riddance! I like the new aggressive management and coaches, we shall see what happens! Detroit Lions do right by Matthew Stafford, and themselves, in trade with Rams.


I did not know how the death penalty came to be in the US: The Case That Made Texas the Death Penalty Capital.

Very interesting: Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction.

Maybe if my running days are done I pick up street photography as my new hobby? Must click, wow! 30 Most Influential Street Photographers To Follow in 2021.

I am on a roll with interesting links: The 50 Most Visited Websites in the World.

Which Are the World's Most Visited Websites


We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

Good catch in the Chase website: Chase Saved Account Manager: Track Where your Credit Cards are Stored Online & in Mobile Wallets. Grant is appreciated because he could really mail it in copying content every other blogger keeps repeating but he really tries to come up with original content.

I do not have an Mlife Rewards account. As a Hyatt Globalist I can somehow match my status with Mlife, is there a specific way to do this, a separate webpage or something?

I was so happy to see this article in the Wall Street Journal: The NBA’s Best Young Stars Loved the Same Player. He Hated the NBA. Luka Doncic and Giannis Antetokounmpo grew up watching Vassilis Spanoulis. He played one season in the NBA. He’s also responsible for the future of the league. This guy is from my hometown in Greece. LEGEND! We were so proud when he came to the NBA! But, sadly, Jeff Van Gundy was his coach with the Houston Rockets, a coach notoriously tough with rookies. Well, he did not get any playing time and after a year he left to become THE premier player in all of Europe. I remember going to see him when the Rockets played the Detroit Pistons with my son. I kept yelling at Van Gundy “Play Bill” 🙂  At the end of the game, we got closer to the Rockets bench and called him up with his Greek name and he graciously smiled and acknowledged us. My son still remembers this…maybe that is a reason he is a huge NBA fan. Here is a pic of my son with the Greek national jersey at that game. Detroit won by the way. Yeah, Yao Ming was really tall lol.

I keep hearing how people can get vaccinated if only they would go to sites and hang around near the end of the day hoping for no shows, etc. If anyone in Southeast Michigan has any tips please let me know!

Enjoy my blog while it lasts…

And I leave you with this…

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