Global Wealth, World Beer Prices, Breakthrough Technologies, Ted Cruz Loses All Marriott Points


Today I have articles about global wealth, world beer prices, breakthrough technologies, Ted Cruz loses all Marriott points, travel to Netherlands and hike all eleven national scenic trails, the best Covid-19 coverage I first did a separate post about on March 4th and started a section on it on March 9th when all other bloggers were busy blogging selling credit cards, the IRS is very behind, learn about how different groups spend money and lots of other unique eclectic stuff to do my part to make this world a better place. Enjoy your weekend and go out help people, be grateful for what you have now!

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Changing things up a little bit as this blog evolves. The MILES & POINTS section has now moved toward the end to widen the appeal of the blog and hopefully not turn off first time visitors. The eclectic variety of content has absolutely NOT changed!

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Top picks are for truly exceptional quality content. Usually not excerpted at all because I do not want to ruin anything.

This is a stunning read. About mental illness. I hope it does not happen to you or any of your loved ones. If you are dealing with it in any shape or form I send my loving thoughts to you and your family and please get help.

The Final Descent of Dean Cummings

Watch this and…watch out for that bigly China yellow one!

How Global Health and Wealth Has Changed Over Two Centuries

“This is like the flu”…Is it? Found here.


Excuse me, we need to talk! Poll: 38% of Americans would give up sex for a year to be able to travel again immediately. But wait…The Brits are worse, sad lol!

For Brits, the number was even higher: 40%.

Some of you may be interested as I am a red wine kind of guy. Like two glasses per month woohoo! This map shows the price of beer in more than 50 countries.

Imagine watching this after doing mushrooms. Not that I have ever done mushrooms #true. This Aerial View of the Veluwemeer Aqueduct in the Netherlands is Surreal.

Here are all 11 of the National Scenic Trails.



Hooray to science, let's get them vaccines out there people! New analyses show Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine works well.

We used to listen to the In the Bubble podcast with Andy Slavitt, we now get to listen to it with him being interviewed on it! Andy Slavitt From Inside the White House.

Amazing, just look at the two charts in this article! Nursing Homes, Once Hotspots, Far Outpace U.S. in Covid Declines.



I find this fascinating! How Spending Changed for Different Income Groups. Maybe as a society we should try to reverse the “Housing” and “Education” categories a bit? Before the true socialists take over! I just threw a bomb here, you throw yours in the comments, increase blog engagement, BOOM! More money for me from more ad revenue, brilliant! Oh wait…what ad revenue? I don't submit your beautiful eyes to look at ads here!

As I have warned recently, IRS is at a breaking point, don't get caught in its wheels, pray! IRS still hasn't processed millions of 2019 tax returns.

If you are an asshole, this only makes you a rich asshole, that's all, it is just a metric 🙂 Stay humble and shut up! How Much Wealth Do You Need To Join The World's Richest 1%? And remember, you will most likely be always poor in Monaco LOL!




Do you want proof how hot the real estate market is? How about buying a home online and missing the holes in the wall that somehow did not show up while touring it online? In the Pandemic, Online Home-Buying Picks Up Speed.

 Our world is getting greener: The Greenest Countries in the World.

The honeymoon with the new administration is over, it is time to stop blaming the previous guys and the weather! It is time for RESULTS! Not looking good as far as new cases (going up), deaths (going up), tests (have collapsed) and vaccinations (not going up nowhere nearly as they need to be) are concerned, come on!


This is very cool! The Typewriter. In movies, must click!

In the previous post I brought you a bird that is half male half female. In this one I bring you an Ultra Rare, Canary Yellow Penguin Spotted on Remote Island in the Atlantic.

Good read, all hail them Messenger RNA vaccines! 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021 by the editors of MIT Technology Review.



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Sweet! Ted Cruz Loses All Of His Marriott Award Points.

My daughter's new Chase Southwest card is still not in our hands. Next week, it will be a whole month gone…we are going to have to get creative for the minimum spend in nine eight months with just a $2,000 credit line. Goal is to get to 100,000 points to get her the Southwest Companion Pass…#developing.

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We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

So much buzz about a court case…Judge Rules Some Credit Card Rewards-Earning Activity Is Taxable. And everybody pretending to be a tax attorney just like so many recently have become epidemiologists! Maybe this is where I start the premium content for subscribers only? 🙂 So, let me just say I am going to comment on it if the case goes to Appeals lol.

I have become a paying supporter of Jodi at Legal Nomads and looking forward to whatever she creates after her life changing health setback. Life Updates: a Patreon, a New Newsletter, and a Site Redesign.  It is hard to find authentic people online these days, there are so many clickbait tabloid sycophant whores posing as experts always selling something wasting our time. Please support quality people who add value to your life. Before they quit! It is up to YOU to improve the world you know. At least sign up for her free newsletter which she calls “Curious About Everything”…which I totally love as I have been curious about everything since birth!

I loved the new movie “The Mauritanian”.

And I leave you with this…


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