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You know, I feel bad for all the people living in these countries…hassles traveling internationally and, wait for it, no national team soccer games, sad! This Is What It's Like to Live in a Country ‘That Doesn't Exist’. 6.5 million people across Europe are trying to live normal lives in countries mostly unrecognized by the rest of the world. Not that any of us will be visiting them any time soon…

The following two links were sent in by sharp TBB readers, thank you!

Warning: If you have a thing against mice…do NOT click this link! ‘Worst mice plague I've ever seen': Millions of rodents descend on eastern Australia.“They’re all around the house. Every time you open a drawer, you’re potentially going to find one,” a man told NBC News. Oh man, I had trouble sleeping the night I read this…

I had never heard of this! Country with a “fifth season”! Every year Estonia’s Soomaa National Park disappears underwater, ushering in an unlikely season that creates an extraordinary sense of belonging among locals. Mind blowing stuff!

Each year, Estonia's “fifth season” transforms Soomaa National Park into an enormous floodplain (Credit: Karl Ander Adami/Visit Estonia)



Short must read article: Five Investing Powers. They are:

Low Susceptibility to FOMO [I excel in this one!]

Knowing what game you're playing [Playing the long investing game here, I speculate buying lottery tickets once a year lol]

Recognizing the difference between patience and stubbornness [I tend to be very stubborn and not patient…but not in investing, phew!]

Comfortable being miserable [Every time I look at my blog's conversions this occurs lol]

Aligning your peak-wealth years with a generational collapse in interest rates, the Fed becoming comfortable with quantitative easing, and falling marginal tax rates. [Nailed it!]

There is some real wisdom in this piece: Bernstein: Free trading is like giving chainsaws to toddlers. Yeah, love this headline, sure beats a “shocking” clickbait headline about some stupid incident only posted to attract clicks! I agree with pretty much everything, just could not pick out anything to excerpt without feeling bad for leaving some parts out so read the whole thing. You are welcome.

Love these accounts! The Triple Tax Break You May Be Missing: A Health Savings Account. Always contributed the maximum and never spent a dime out of it (paid cash for health care expenses, actually paid with a travel rewards credit card lol). You won't believe what happened next! Archived link.



This was written in the Wall Street Journal by Dr. Larry Brilliant and several other prominent scientists. It lays out what will save us! Herd Immunity Won’t Save Us—but We Can Still Beat Covid-19. Innovative contact tracing and just-in-time vaccination can get the pandemic under control—and prepare us for the next one. Sometimes I want to just rewind to our pre Covid life…Oh, article says we are at 43% and we need to reach 80% for herd immunity. Must read imho, another link to it.

I have cut lots of crap out of my life and now this blog just focuses on truly eclectic content that I share with you. And here is another one: COVID-19 Is Different Now. The coronavirus is changing. So is the disease it causes. Link. The article ends this way:

Last year’s sense of terror and panic belongs behind us. This is the phase of the pandemic when we can move from haphazard emergency plans to concerted measures to eradicate a life-threatening illness. Despite lingering unknowns about exactly how long immunity will last and how many cases we’ll continue to see, we now have the knowledge and resources to become much more certain very quickly. If we beat COVID-21, the numbering could end there.

My right ear has been buzzing for several years now so everything I see about tinnitus I tend to read and this was soooo interesting to me, especially the comments: When the Noise Never Stops: Coping With the Challenges of Tinnitus. Tell your kids to stop listening to music so loud, trust me! Another link.



Wow, I had no idea! Actually, dying from too much laughing is probably slightly worse dying during an orgasm? Discuss 🙂 List of Unusual Deaths. Which one is your favorite? 🙂

If you are interested to learn more about the music industry, I have the best read for you: Islands in the Stream. Musicians are in peril, at the mercy of giant monopolies that profit off their work. It's rough out there…

Amazing architecture pics here, wow! 50 Times Architects Really Outdid Themselves And People Celebrated Their Works Online. I had a really hard time picking one!

The Ceiling Of The Shah Mosque In Isfahan, Iran
The Ceiling Of The Shah Mosque In Isfahan, Iran. And yes I have been there!



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This section is about my hobby addiction of collecting frequent flyer miles and hotel points since the early 1990's! Feel free to skip this section and parts of the next one if this is not for you.

Newbies: Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a 2% cash back card that you use exclusively. And skip this section to keep your life simple! You won't hear advice like this from credit card salesmen posing as bloggers because there is no money for them NOT selling you plastic.

What would you like to appear here? There is SO much unimportant drivel in the miles & points world these days…

Read the WSJ article in the next section below…



We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

This WSJ article lays it all out how the airlines and hotels are milking these programs and you won't believe what will happen next! Frequent-Flier Miles Are Piling Up. Fliers Won’t Benefit Like Airlines Will. Frequent fliers have accumulated more miles without using them because of the pandemic, and carriers will likely employ a range of tricks to devalue them. You have been warned! Read here too. Well, the writing is on the wall…I need to get rid of some cards and lighten my wallet…if only Citi would stop giving me statement credits for the AA Citi cards….I could start there!

Yeah, we all hate this too! Come on Hilton, step up your tech, it is 2021, come on! Hilton Free Night Certs Are Customer Unfriendly At Best & Shady At Worst.

Looks like the long ordeal to get a Visa free Hyatt night from Chase for a December 2020 spending promo may be finally over…as latest email said they will credit the account 15,000 Hyatt points “in the next one to two billing cycles”…We shall see.

Question: Do Southwest Visa referral points count for the Companion Pass?

Question: Any advice on how to get my Amazon Affiliates account reinstated?

The University of Michigan men's basketball team is going to the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight, nice!

The qualifying has started for the next World Cup in Qatar in 2022…I am a huge World Cup fan, love it!

And let's leave you with some big time entertainment, from last night's SNL: Boomers Got The Vax. Bwahahahahaha!

And I leave you with this…Amex used to have the absolute BEST customer service. And it has all gone to hell. You get responses by Amex customer service agents like this smh. (HT: Milenomics)


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