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Billionaire Quote of the Day:

“Never Lower Your Target, Increase Your Actions!”

– Grant Cardone (NET WORTH: $1.2 Billion)

Your dreams chose you, you didn’t choose your dreams! The dreams you have in your head right now are there for a reason—because you are chosen to bring them into reality. You must have a hunger and drive that is unmatched. You must stay hungry, stay active, and follow your dreams. This 2021 motivational video compilation includes Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett & Les Brown. Listen while you watch the video to immerse yourself in the most powerful, most motivating energy you can start your day with! We recommend watching this video and making it a part of your morning routine to ensure you are constantly starting your day with the best motivation.

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๐Ÿ“š Description:

The electrifying Tony Robbins empowers you with his voice, his wisdom and his experience dealing with some of the most productive and most powerful people in the world. For today’s motivational video we’ve also included audio from Ed Mylett and the amazing Les Brown. The message for you today Kings & Queens is to STAY HUNGRY AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! You must go after them. Your dreams picked you and you are the only one who can bring them into existence. Stay hungry, follow your dreams 2021 motivational video by the World King is truly a masterpiece that will keep your energy vibrations at very high levels and keep you motivated to achieving your dreams & goals!

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