Teens Stock Gambling, Delta Skymiles Suck, Modern Nomads, Face Mask Hacks

We bring you content all about teens stock gambling, Delta Skymiles suck, modern nomads, face mask hacks, we travel to Galapagos Islands and Peru and the loneliest place in Michigan, an amazing almost suicide story, the best Covid-19 coverage, how to file your taxes early, rising interest rates, growth of millionaires that will shock you, laugh with Zillow jokes, scream together like a team going mad in this pandemic that is so far away from ending and so much more. You all have a great week!

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One of the most disturbing articles I read recently. And highly conflicted. On one hand, these kids are learning when they could be wasting time playing online games or doing drugs. But I think they are setting themselves up for a big failure when the bull market stops cooperating and I wonder if that experience will be so traumatic that will harm them for a very long time. Investing is not easy and this whole gamification going on is, well, disturbing. I already had a client approach me to talk to their kid who is way into this…I shook my head so violently reading this. Perhaps, it is best to leave excitement for your hobbies instead? Investing SHOULD BE boring like…watching paint dry, I wonder if these kids will ever try it. Be careful out there!

Teens Are Gambling Their Savings on Gamestop Stock. Their Parents Are Worried.

You are playing professional baseball in the major leagues and one day you shoot yourself in the head. And survive. And…this is just a hell of a story!

San Francisco Giants outfielder Drew Robinson’s remarkable second act

I think I read this guy’s essay back in 1997 in Wired magazine. And totally forgot about it. Until this NYT writer brought it all back. It starts out this way: “Michael Goldhaber is the internet prophet you’ve never heard of. Here’s a short list of things he saw coming: the complete dominance of the internet, increased shamelessness in politics, terrorists co-opting social media, the rise of reality television, personal websites, oversharing, personal essay, fandoms and online influencer culture — along with the near destruction of our ability to focus.” It is a Top Pick for a reason…

I Talked to the Cassandra of the Internet Age



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Leave it to Delta of course to devalue again in the middle of the biggest global pandemic to hit us in the past 102 years. Skypesos are a joke. If you have Delta credit cards in your wallet you are not being smart here. At all. Cancel them and get yourselves a 2% cash back card instead. Airlines tend to imitate Delta so the outlooks is not very good here. But make no mistake, expert miles points travel financial product salesmen will enthusiastically sell Delta credit cards again! Ouch: Big Delta devaluation on partner awards.

I predict the next one will not be so kind: Marriott 2021 Award Changes: 201 Properties Changing (51 Increase, 150 Decrease).

Save this for future use, hopefully soon! How To Visit The Galapagos Islands Using Points & Miles.



We all expect that travel will come back soon…What if it does not? Brace Yourself: Long-Haul Travel May Not Get Going Until 2023.

Wow, this has grown a lot and the dude featured here is a likeable guy: Off-road, off-grid: the modern nomads wandering America’s back country. Thank God I did not have to do this to live on and if I do something similar it would be to…drive to the next Hyatt to spend the night lol.

Wow, I am freezing just looking at the pictures! Coast Guard flies out to fix remote Michigan lighthouse known as ‘the Loneliest Place in the World’.

Absolutely amazing! Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 – in pictures.

Love the photography here! Portraits of the Incredible Craftspeople of Peru.


It is good to see that Coronavirus cases are falling all across the country. With almost a year into this ordeal I think we are all now realizing that this pandemic will take a while to put it behind us…if ever. I ordered carryout from a restaurant last Saturday and I went inside to pick it up. With my mask, make it double mask that is. Michigan recently allowed restaurants to open inside seating at 25% capacity. I go inside and several tables were occupied with people eating, chatting and laughing without a care in the world. One looked at me with that Karen look, smh. I mean, it is a year later and almost 500,000 families had their life changed forever after losing a loved one…and…I don’t know what to say anymore smh.

Anyway, this may be helpful to you. 5 Hacks And Tips To Make Your Face Mask More Protective. If you are a Karen please leave! Actually, my next door neighbor is named Karen and she is really nice and responsible…I have a feeling not many parents welcoming a new baby girl would be naming her Karen, so sad!

Yep, It’s Not Just You. A Lot Of Us Are Hitting A Pandemic Wall Right Now. Count me in, it is what it is. It is normal. If therapists was a stock, it would be a runaway winner! “Have compassion for yourself and don’t belittle your feelings,” Gold said. “At a certain point, we’ll all get through it.” Amen.

Fascinating: Pandemic Graphics Archive.



I am in tax season beast mode, here is a really good comprehensive newbie type article: What to Know About Filing Taxes.

Be careful out there, the scammers are out of control again! Well-known Michigan attorney’s ID stolen in Ohio unemployment scam.

Must read interview of Howard Marks: The Biggest Risk Is Rising Interest Rates. I excerpt the best two Q&As:

What exactly do you mean by that?

There is no one size fits all approach. I tend to think of it as the speedometer in a car that goes from zero to one hundred. Zero is no risk, full defense: You put all your money in cash or in T-Bills. One hundred is complete risk, straight offense: You’re fully invested in aggressive securities, maybe with leverage. Every person should figure out what their normal position on that speedometer should look like. This decision depends on your age, income, assets, aspirations, dependence, outlook for future income and intestinal strength, etc. How will you feel to live with big markdowns? People should not overlook that last point, their emotional makeup.

Why is the emotional makeup so important?

If you overestimate your intestinal strength, you could wake up and find your portfolio down substantially. In that case, you may panic and sell, crystallizing that loss. Yet, markets fluctuate around a rising trendline. If you buy at a high price and it falls, that’s not the worst thing in the world, because the next high will likely be higher. So if you hold on for the long-term, you will make money. But if you buy high, the price falls and you sell, then you never get to participate in the subsequent recovery. That’s the cardinal sin: selling out at the bottom. That’s the reason it’s so important to not overestimate your risk tolerance.

Amazing! Which Countries Gained (and Lost) the Most Millionaires in 2020? Let’s see what Socialist Biden does lol.

The World's Millionaires



These guys will be in jail for a very long time. The greed is just unconscionable, wow! LockThemUp!  The Lion, the Polygamist, and the Biofuel Scam. How a member of a breakaway Mormon sect teamed up with a Lambo-driving, hard-partying tycoon to bilk the government for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another awesome SNL video: Zillow. So funny…because it is true!

This Tom Brady dude…at 43 wins another Super Bowl, he now has 7 rings and has played in 10 Superbowls. With a brand new team this time which makes it even more legendary, wow!



I had no idea about the life story of this guy, wow! The amazing adventures of James Lick.

You call a phone number, you scream while recorded. Here is a website with a collection of screams: JUST SCREAM! Wow, how cool is this? I feel like that every time I see a blogger with nothing to offer who has not posted in a long time…only to come out to sell something smh.

Wow, I had no idea too…Actually, the best part of blogging here for peanuts is it just feeds my intense curiosity! The Castle Bravo Disaster  – A “Second Hiroshima”.

A collection of pictures of gay men. Ok, so what you may ask. Wait for it…it is a collection of pictures of gay men in the 1850s, wow!

When I say Oddz I mean it, how about this? An Historical Collection of Found Paper Airplanes.


We are now entering BLOG BUZZ, a section for advanced hobbyists and veterans of this fast imploding hobby and also a section where I go on and on about some stuff that happens in my life because it helps me feel better about myself.

I transferred 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to my Hyatt account, maybe I should do more but I am, you know, waiting for the darn vaccine to get to me!

Is it just me who thinks that the Chase airline and hotel credit card spending based promos are just not tracking as they should? Come on!

I am halfway through the 50 February transactions on two Hyatt credit cards to go for that 5k World of Hyatt points.

I need to force myself to cut down on the volume of the content in each post. I think I managed it a bit but I think it is still way too much for one post. Agree?

I missed running so much sidelined with a bulging disk. Physical therapy is helping but it is taking forever. Doc agreed after looking at my MRI to schedule a cortisone injection so this will happen and go from there. Running has been a great stress reliever amidst the pandemic misery so I hope it works this time!

And I leave you with this…

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